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5 furnishing ideas for Saint Valentine’s: romanticism and design for a special evening

Interior design red details
Interior design red details
Furnishing ideas for Saint Valentine’s.

How to furnish your house for Saint Valentine’s? Here are 5 romantic ideas for a perfect date

If for this Saint Valentine’s Day you’re thinking of a romantic dinner in the intimacy of your home, this post is for you. It may be because of the crowds you find in restaurants on this day, to the detriment of the service; it may because of the enticingly brief distance between living room and bedroom, but a Saint Valentine’s dinner at home seems to be increasingly popular. What counts is making it different from all others, reinventing your home for a special evening. Here are 5 furnishing ideas for Saint Valentine’s 2018 to help inspire you.

Saint Valentine’s 2018 furnishing: red skies in the evening

Red is Saint Valentine’s quintessential color, and there’s no reason to reject it for originality’s sake. If Ultra Violet is the color of the year, on February 14th don’t fear to change your furnishings to favor scarlet tones. However, it is best not to overdo it. Use it for pillows and details, for curtains or for the sofa-cover. But to avoid its seeming too aggressive, dilute it in abundant white – from cream to Navajo, through ivory.

Saint Valentine’s 2018 furnishing: fire with fire

The first rule of furnishing for Saint Valentine’s is warming up the atmosphere. Red can help symbolically, but why not do it literally? Make way for candles, and not only on the table, to create a suffused atmosphere. Are you so lucky as to have a fireplace? There was never a better moment than this to light it.

Saint Valentine’s 2018 furnishing: table design

Decorating the table for Saint Valentine’s is an actual art that involves infinite possibilities. Our suggestion is to pick one – one theme, one motif, a recurring detail – and pursue it with coherence and sobriety. If you love rose petals, you don’t need pink hearts. If dishes and centerpiece are red, the tablecloth should offer a pure white contrast.

Saint Valentine’s 2018 furnishing: vintage is back

One of the trends for 2018 interior design is the return of vintage. Saint Valentine’s is the right occasion to slip in some retro details, but with a touch of levity. Yea to the candle holders or lanterns or lacework of yore, but rigorously played down in a contemporary context.

Saint Valentine’s 2018 furnishing: DIY

Everything that is made with love is absolutely welcome. Table mats, place markers, wall decorations, and any other creative do-it-yourself items will make your significant other smile. Don’t worry too much about the result: this is one of the few cases when it’s the thought that counts – really!