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Why choose us? All the advantages of InvisibleDoor.

Flush-to-the-wall pivot door.
Flush-to-the-wall pivot door.
Flush-to-the-wall pivot door.

InvisibleDoor combines the convenience of factory prices with impeccable technical features. Discover all the advantages.

Would you like to purchase a flush-to-the-wall door that combines convenience and functionality? With InvisibleDoor you can choose from a selection of sliding or hinged doors, panels or flush-to-the-wall wardrobes at factory prices without forsaking quality. The technical features of our flush-to-the-wall systems are designed to offer a top quality product, impeccable in every detail.

Aside from the refined design and the endless possibilities of customization, for every door InvisibleDoor guarantees:

  • Adjustable hinges that bear up to 70 kg beyond the weight of the door.

  • 53 mm warp-proof panel.

  • Pre-assembled squared frame to simplify installation.

Adjustable InvisibleDoor hinges.

All hinges supplied by InvisibleDoor are adjustable, thus allowing to regulate depth, height and width to compensate for any defects in the masonry. The result is a perfect alignment with the wall. Furthermore, InvisibleDoor’s hinges bear up to 70 kg beyond the weight of the door. A precious advantage that will allow for any kid of paneling, including tiles or particular textures.

Every InvisibleDoor door, panel, and walk-in wardrobe is equipped with invisible hinges, set into both the panel and the frame, preventing warping and ensuring total invisibility.

InvisibleDoor panels.

Thanks to their special 53mm panels, InvisibleDoors are sturdier and more resistant. The heft and width of the panel will resist the deformations of time, making for a very high-quality product.

Pre-assembled squared frame.

Every InvisibleDoor is delivered with a preassembled frame to facilitate installation. Thanks to the rod included in the frame, the door will remain squared during installation, making the procedure easier. Find information on our website to install your own product, or contact us to receive assistance or request installation.

Custom measures and finishes.

Thanks to our website, you can purchase doors and panels in standard measures, or request special measurements. We will gladly produce the door that responds to your specific needs. Furthermore, our doors are all supplied either unfinished or varnished with colors and finishes of your choice. Discover all the options or contact us to order your door.