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Make Way for Simplicity: Essenzialed Is the Feature of the Month

light LED flush-to-the-wall
light LED flush-to-the-wall

InvisibleDoor’s angle on companies, projects, and professionals in the field of minimal elegance.

May is the perfect month to begin enjoying outdoor spaces even after dark. That’s why this month’s feature deals with a company with 30 years of experience in the area of lighting. Essenzialed is a brand that has always researched innovative and original solutions. With the contribution of architects and light designers, Essenzialed’s products will win you over with their efficiency and minimal esthetics.

Essenzialed indoor and outdoor solutions are the ideal complement for modern and refined furniture, veritable artworks of light that embrace the minimal philosophy of InvisibleDoor. It is not by chance that Essenzialed also offers flush-to-the-wall solutions, designed to become discretely integrated with the house, with the added value of lighting effects. To all this, add the advantage of energy-saving typical of LED lights.

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