Invisible-shutter with single-panel cm 40×40

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Complete-kit technical written description (Reading time < 1 minutes):

• aluminium frame in silver-satin finish, ready to be installed on any type of wall, in Factory pre-assembled and therefore ready to be installed;

• our frame only requires plastering on the outside (on 4 sides) right after been fixed to the wall with polyurethane-foam plus fisher-wall-plugs, so it is not necessary in the construction phase of the wall or plasterboard-wall;

• panel-leaf (1) in wood+mdf with a total thickness of 19 mm;

• the shutter is already treated with a protective primer (primer-painting) on the whole surface, therefore the panel is delivered ready to be painted with the same paint as the one used for the walls, or also covered with “wall-paper”, to get the maximum invisible-effect;

• 3-axis-adjustable invisible-hinges with “stop” while in closing-position and/or soft-close slow-motion return (based on the open/close accessories the customer selects);

• ergonomic fixed minimalist knob, in satin-silver finish, 1.5 cm in diameter and 3 cm deep, is very comfortable to use and is very discreet, and also can be replaced easily on site with other types of handle or knob.

Measures (Reading time < 1 minutes):

• Rough-wall, to be made or to be “adjusted” (this rough-wall-opening could be made in masonry, plasterboard, concrete, gas-beton or even in wood-wall) cm 46 × 46 H;

• External-frame dimensions (this is the frame size), the frame is 4-sided and includes the black-brush-dust-seal on 4-sides, cm 45 × 45 H;

• Internal-frame dimensions, this is the net passage when the panel/leaf/shutter is open, cm 40 × 40 H;

• Leaf/Panel/Shutter-dimensions (+/-) cm 40 x 40 H;

• Real-passage measure when the panel is open (+/-) cm 38 x 40 H.

Important Notes (Reading time < 2 minutes):

• This product is ideal for closing every kind of niches, shoes-box niches, on-ceiling-wardrobes, invisible-wardobrobes, electrical-niches, kitchen-niches, and so on;

• You can use this solution pretty everywhere, from the corridors to the bedrooms, from the kitchen to the bathrooms;

• The kit does not include internal fittings, customers usually choose to make plasterboard trays or purchase modular internal fittings systems from other manufacturers as we don’t produce these items yet;

• Installation is very easy for bricklayers, plasterers or windows and doors installers;

• We only recommend DIY to customers who have experience in plastering and gassing plasterboard walls;

• The “Rough-wall” measures allows you to “prepare the spaces” (masonry, plasterboard, concrete or whatever wall-types) and to continue the works while waiting for the delivery of the products in all serenity;

• It is enough to respect the Measures of the “rough-wall” indicated above.

Selected EU-Countries Delivery (by telephone-appointment) included in the price;

• Check the delivery time here.

• EU-Business-price Available!
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377 € including VAT and transport

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The invisible Invisible-door access panel enables to close recesses and technical spaces keeping a seamless continuity between wall and shutter, thanks to a perfectly integrated frame with both masonry and plasterboard and to the use of rollaway adjustable hinges. The MDF shutter can be processed according to the client or designer’s requirements, allowing to stylishly hide technical elements or to transform recesses into storage compartments perfectly integrated with the wall.

Technical features and details

The single Invisible-door frame perfectly integrates with masonry and plasterboard walls. The press-drawn section is in anodised aluminium, alloy 6060, and satin silver finished. It is supplied with a dust brush on the sides of the door slam. The mdf 19 mm thick panel is pre installed on the frame and, supplied, at your choice, with push-pull opening system to avoid any handle, or with a magnetic lock provided with a knob. Adjustable hinges come standard on INVISIBLE-DOOR doors and access panels enabling to keep doors perfectly aligned thanks to easy adjustment of proper regulators.

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