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Make Way for Simplicity: Sovet Italia is the Feature of the Month.

Minimal design interior
Minimal design interior
Sovet Italia: Lambda

Invisible-door’s feature on prominent companies, designs, and professionals in the area of minimal elegance.

Lightness, purity, transparency. These are the traits of products by SOVET Italia, a brand from Treviso that represents Made in Italy simplicity very well. Born at the end of the ‘80s out of the artisanal experience of six glassmakers, the company conquered the market thanks to the uniqueness of its design and the beauty of its collections. This is why Invisibledoor chose to celebrate them in this month’s feature.

Always striving for excellence, SOVET has dealt with different materials. Glass, the company’s forte, modelled, curved, and wrought into unprecedented and refined shapes. But also aluminium, ceramics, wood, and steel, composing elegant contemporary pieces. From the graceful dynamism of the Lambda table by Gianluigi Landoni, to the mirrors by Lievore Altherr Molina, or the practical Slim Panca.

A style that goes hand in hand with the philosophy of Invisible-door’s products, the ideal union of class and modernity.

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