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Spring 2018 Design: All the Ideas for the Renovation of Your House

Interior design Shaker style.
Interior design Shaker style.
Interior design Shaker style.

Indispensable Colors, materials and trends for interior design in springtime

The pleasant season always brings new inspirations to redesign your house in the name of color and lightness. What are the trends for spring 2018 interior design? Here is a selection of the most intriguing ideas to adopt in the renovation of your home.

Spring 2018 Interior Design: trending styles

After the success of contemporary minimalistic design, the time has come for retro. So make way for home-made solutions, vintage atmospheres and decorations, but without incurring in a baroque excess. If you love simplicity, set aside the wintery Nordic style and embrace the American Shaker. Inspired by the religious community of the same name, it is a sober and functional style in which wood and handcrafts reign supreme. The industrial style is also still going strong, with a predilection for steel and untreated wood. Do you prefer to find your inspiration in nature? The natural materials and textures of Japanese Wabi-Sabi are what you are looking for.

Trending Colors for Spring Design

Springtime is the ideal season in which you can flaunt delicate pastel colors without fear of being cloying. Check out the colors suggested by Pantone to create welcoming and regenerating atmospheres. You can choose to paint one or more walls, or maybe give a touch of color to the ceiling. An alternative to brushes? Wallpaper in the trending hues, from Arcadia Green to Little Boy Blue. Combinations of complementary or similar colors are welcome. An example? Pink Lavender wall and Ultra Violet flush-to-the-wall door. Sophisticated and introspective.

Materials for Spring 2018 Interior Design

As far as the raw materials are concerned, choose natural ones. Beechwood, whicker, hemp, but also straw and cord covering. Marble never goes out of fashion, while among metals details in steel and iron stand out for the industrial style; copper and brass for a warm vintage effect. Value also ceramic or cement tiles.

Spring 2018 Decorations: Between Flowers and Geometry

This season’s design also sees the reign of decor. Whether they are the flourishes in the wallpaper, or embroidery on the tapestry, or even prints and motifs for the seats. Favored are the decors inspired by nature: flowers and plants, even in gigantic proportions. For those who love mathematical rigor, there is no denying geometrical decorations and optical patterns.