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Spring-Summer 2018 Colors: Furniture Trends

Spring Summer 2018 Colors by Pantone.
Spring Summer 2018 Colors by Pantone.
Spring Summer 2018 Colors by Pantone.

Trending colors for 2018 interior design and the best combinations recommended by Pantone

Spring is at the door, and the desire to renew the house goes hand in hand with the changing season. The colors for spring-summer 2018 are regenerating and lively, and will appeal to all tastes, from the most sophisticated to the most naïf. Here are the color trends for furniture and the combinations suggested by Pantone for interior design.

Spring-Summer 2018 Colors: Resourceful

This contrasting palette suggested by Pantone is for those who love experimenting and do not fear being contradicted. The combination of cold colors, such as Blue, and warm ones, such as Orange, is at the root of this guideline. Use it for sofas or armchairs with contrasting pillows, or for pieces of furniture with unique decorations.

Spring-Summer 2018 Colors: Verdure

Nature is the protagonist of 2018 furniture trends. Colors can be various shades of green, possibly accented with a reddish purple or the color of berries.

Spring-Summer 2018 Colors: Playful

This bright, energizing palette is for those who want to liven up their place. Make way for “Minions” Yellow, Lime, and all the shades that brighten the mood. Playfulness is the key word, which can be interpreted according to personal taste. An ideal palette even for the living room, to welcome guests with an edge.

Spring-Summer 2018 Colors: Discretion

Are you too sensitive for shocking yellow? Then this is the palette for you. Meditative shades and subtle colors are the preferred choices. From Pink to Mauve, via Ivory, for a perfectly romantic atmosphere.

Spring-Summer 2018 Colors: Far-fetched

Are you already yearning for vacation time and far away places? The palette that Pantone recommends is based on warm, exotic shades. Make way for desert yellow, fiery red, coral and colors capable of inspiring imagination and travel.

Spring-Summer 2018 Colors: Intricacy

A sophisticated palette that is not for everyone. Those who are skilled with color combinations can try the “new neutrals” with metallic tonalities combined with dramatic details such as red or sulfur.

Spring-Summer 2018 Colors: Intensity

This palette has the flavor and depth of true love. Intense colors like Purple, Black, and Gold, but also Green and Ultra-Violet. They should be skillfully combined for a location full of symbolism.

Spring-Summer 2018 Colors: TECH-nique

A young, shiny palette for spring-time locations with a hi-tech sheen. Light blue, Turquoise, Pink, Purple combined with White and Almond promise to refresh the spirit and open the mind.