Questions & Answers

I never heard of this company, who is behind Invisible-door?
Invisible-door is a trademark of the Centro Diffusione Seerramenti of Prato, a company active in the production and marketing of doors for 50 years. Visit our presentation page.

Why are Invisible-door products so cheap?
There are no intermediate steps between the production and your home.
This allows us to be very competitive in the market.

The savings result in lower quality of products?
No. The components of Invisible-door products are selected to ensure quality operation and durability, read our data sheets. The saving comes from our commercial strategy.

How do I know that the product I will receive meets the specifications listed on the site?
Invisible-door.com, in full respect of the laws (Legislative Decree. N. 206/2005), provides for the right of withdrawal. You can then return the product without any expense on your part, if what is delivered to you does not match what we present on the site.

By how many days can I exercise the right of withdrawal?
Within 10 days from the date of receipt of goods.

How do I know that the online purchase is secure?
The internal e-commerce in Invisible-door.com is run by MONETA WEB by Intesa San Paolo group, leader in on-line transactions sector. Each operation is tracked.

I do not want to pay by credit card, are there alternative systems?
Of course, to pay with traditional systems write and you will be given on the payment method.

I can not configure the door right for me, how can I do?
For any questions or requests, please fill out the help form at the bottom right, or write to info@invisible-door.com