Flush doors: invisible solutions for the home design

Invisible-door produces and sells directly online frameless hinged doors, flush to the wall sliding doors, invisible access panels and invisible wardrobes.
Our product are the best solution to close and hide any recess or closet (meters, headers, inspectionable spaces, concealed closets), or to build a flush-to-wall door perfectly integrated. Closures are MADE TO MEASURE and delivered ready for varnishing or already lacquered, both for masonry and plasterboard walls. Flush-to-wall access panels can be opened from the outside thanks to a push-pull opening system. Invisible doors, instead, can be opened from both sides and come standard with a magnetic lock suitable for any handle. The GALLERY shows some samples of standard models and the SHOP will allow you to order online, and in just a few clicks, the panel or the door you may need. For further information or to request a custom quote please contact us.

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