Sliding door cm 80×240

1.299,001.490,00 including VAT and transport

Technical Specifications

  • Counterframe to be finished up to flush with the light-passage without any visible frame/strip/copier (Eclisse Syntesis or Scrigno Essential models depending on availability), complete with spacers to keep the counterframe plumb during installation and complete with accessories for professional installation;


  • Solid wood+flexboard+aluminium+mdf door with a total thickness of 40 mm, already treated with primer paint over the entire surface. The door is ready to be painted with the same paint used for the walls and/or to be covered with wallpaper. Our doors are always 100% edged (we never use laminate);


  • Solid wood door covered with mdf with a total thickness of 53 mm, already primed (white primer) over the entire surface, the door is ready to be painted with the same paint used for the walls or to be covered with wallpaper. Our doors are always 100% edged (we do not use laminate);


  • Recessed aluminium niches, satin silver finish, with or without lock depending on the choice made during configuration. The Thimble in the door thickness is always included in the price. Everything is always pre-installed at the factory to save valuable time for your fitting craftsmen.


  • Wall void (“rough wall cavity”, recommended/needed to quickly install the counterframe) cm 180 x 248 H;


  • High-quality counterframe for integration into plasterboard or masonry walls (depending on the choice made during configuration) cm 178 x 246 H;


  • Real-passage measure (with door fully open and stored inside the counterframe) cm 80 x 240 H;


  • This product is ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, offices, bathrooms and toilets;


  • Installation is very easy for bricklayers, drywallers or craftsmen who fit doors and windows who have experience with plasterboard walls;


  • We recommend do-it-yourself only to those who have experience in making and plastering plasterboard or masonry walls;


  • Construction companies are practically always able to fit the counterframes/frames we supply;


  • The preparation of the unfinished wall cavity (in masonry, plasterboard or gasbeton) will allow the construction work to continue and the arrival of the counterframe (or the complete door kit) to be awaited in peace;


  • It is sufficient to comply with the ‘rough wall cavity’ measurements given in the measurement descriptions above;


  • Please note: for cinema rooms, music rooms or recording studios, living room or kitchen toilets, and/or where increased acoustic insulation is required, please e-mail us screenshots of the configured doors you have added to your shopping cart, indicating which of them must be acoustic. We will get back to you as soon as possible with the price of the certified acoustic sliding doors;

Delivery Times

  • Selected EU-Countries Delivery (by telephone-appointment) included in the price, check the delivery time HERE you will find more information on delivery;


  • EU-Business-price Available! Please:
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    -Complete the form please and have a look to the 0%-VAT price after the 30-seconds VIES verification is done.
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Sliding door cm 80×240 is the ideal solution to eliminate the presence of the door casings. The door slides completely into the wall with a silent and fluid movement guaranteed by the proven pocket door frame.

Technical features and details
Sliding door cm 80×240 integrates seamlessly with the wall thanks to the absence of frame covers and the possibility of finishing it on site. The sliding panel 40 mm thick is made of honeycomb with solid wood perimeter and core honeycomb and ended up with 2 polished MDF panels; it slides completely within the wall, suspended to the guide of the frame, which ensures quietness, ease of movement and a guaranteed life. It is bundled with a recessed handle that allows you to open and close the door. On request it is available with privacy pin. The Invisible-door flush to the wall pocket door is available in standard sizes, the solution for the maximum convenience, and in custom sizes for absolute design freedom.

Additional information

Weight 0,55 kg

Recessed handle, Recessed handle with privacy pin

Door finish

Protective prime coat, Lacquering – RAL color

Shipment of counterframe

No advance shipment of counterframe, delivery of door with counterframe and accessories in 9/10 weeks, Yes advance shipment of counterframe, counterframe delivery in 6/7 weeks and door delivery in the following 4 weeks


Choose the options for the recessed handle from the drop down menu.

  • Recessed handle: the standard solution for the sliding door
  • Recessed handle with privacy pin: the niche is provided with privacy pin to lock the door in the closed position.


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