Sliding-pocket-invisible-door cm 60×270

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Complete-kit technical written description (Reading time < 1 minutes):

• Single-flush-door version metal box-frame, ready to be installed and integrated into a masonry or a plasterboard (based on you selection) wall;

• Bi-directional soft-close mechanism with anti-slam included;

• Door leaf/panel made with solid wood, recycled honey-comb, and all-boarded MDF with a 40 mm of total thickness (it’s not hpl or a laminated door), our door hasn’t any visible junction on the perimeters as the door has a “unique-piece” design;

• Square-design Niche in satin silver finish, with or without privacy lock set (based on you selection), specific for sliding-pocket-door;

• detailed installation instructions printed on ecological paper are always attached to the exterior card-board packaging.

Measures (Reading time < 1 minutes):

• Rough-wall, to be made or to be “adjusted” (this rough-wall-opening could be made in masonry, plasterboard, concrete, gas-beton or even in wood-wall) cm 140 × 278 H;

• External-box-frame dimensions (this is the metal box-frame size) cm 138 × 276 H.

• The frame is 3-sided, does not have a bottom rail on the floor and includes the sealing and sliding accessories;

• Door-dimensions (+/-) cm 62 x 269,5 H;

• Net-passage measure when the door is fully-open inside the metal box-frame (+/-) cm 60 x 270 H.

Important Notes (Reading time < 2 minutes):

• This product is ideal for those people that loves clean design, modern-minimal or classical interiors as the door integrates itself in every design-choice the customer wants;

• This door-type does not have dust-accumulations as this is always into the wall thickness or flush with the wall, you home-air will be so much better;

• You can use this solution pretty everywhere, from the corridors-doors to the bedrooms-doors to the bathroom-doors, the doors sound-proof isolation is naturally very good;

• Installation is very easy for bricklayers, plasterers or window and door installers;

• We only recommend DIY to customers who have experience in plastering and gassing plasterboard walls;

• The “Rough-wall” measures allows you to “prepare the spaces” (masonry, plasterboard, concrete or whatever wall-types) and to continue the works while waiting for the delivery of the products in all serenity;

• It is enough to respect the Measures of the “rough-wall” indicated above.

Selected EU-Countries Delivery (by telephone-appointment) included in the price;

• Check the delivery time here.

• EU-Business-price Available!
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sliding pocket invisible-door is the ideal solution to eliminate the presence of the door casings. The door slides completely into the wall with a silent and fluid movement guaranteed by the proven pocket door frame.

Technical features and details
The Invisible-door pocket door integrates seamlessly with the wall thanks to the absence of frame covers and the possibility of finishing it on site. The sliding panel 40 mm thick is made of honeycomb with solid wood perimeter and core honeycomb and ended up with 2 polished MDF panels; it slides completely within the wall, suspended to the guide of the frame, which ensures quietness, ease of movement and a guaranteed life. It is bundled with a recessed handle that allows you to open and close the door. On request it is available with privacy pin. The Invisible-door flush to the wall pocket door is available in standard sizes, the solution for the maximum convenience, and in custom sizes for absolute design freedom.

Additional information

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Choose the options for the recessed handle from the drop down menu.

  • Recessed handle: the standard solution for the sliding door
  • Recessed handle with privacy pin: the niche is provided with privacy pin to lock the door in the closed position.


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