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Bathroom Furnishing: Fashionable Ideas to Keep It Tidy

Tidy bathroom: design solution
Tidy bathroom: design solution
How to keep the bathroom tidy and clean.

Enough with those shelves crowded with tubes and bulky towels: here is how to keep your bathroom tidy in three simple moves

Do you wish your bathroom were always tidy but find yourself fighting with chaos on a daily basis? Don’t worry, you are not alone. The most intimate part of your house is also the most difficult to handle. Here the bottles and phials that are the custodians of our beauty come together with bulky bathrobes and ungainly towels. Besides, hurrying in the morning and not having much time in general, doesn’t help in the effort of keeping everything under control. But a comfortable, clean bathroom is at the root of domestic peace. Not to mention an important feather in your cap when visitors come calling. So here are a few precious recommendations for furnishing your bathroom with comfort and tidiness in mind.

The ultimate trick: how to organize tubes and bottles.

Let’s face it, one of the major obstacles of a tidy bathroom is the scattering of products on the shelves. Makeup, brushes, creams, and lotions, but even just toothpaste tubes, mouthwash, and cotton buds. How to get ahead of it? If you have a cabinet with drawers, a solution is to outfit it with white, metal, or colored silverware trays. That way you’ll just be able to open a drawer and easily find the items you need, divided into practical compartments. If your cabinet doesn’t have drawers, you can hang transparent organizers on the inside of the door. That way the shelves will be more empty and you won’t have to move everything to find an item.

Visible towels, but with class!

The typical image of an untidy bathroom is that of towels strewn all over the place or hanging lopsided on their rack. to prevent this from happening to your bathroom, you can choose an alternative solution. For example: rolling up the towels and placing them in a wicker basket in plain sight. The effect is unique and pleasant, and it makes it more difficult to misplace them.

Don’t throw it all in the toilet: toilet paper solutions.

Toilet paper rolls are a real nuisance in space-saving aesthetics. Where will you store your spares? The ideal solution would be a hidden compartment with a flush-to-the-wall panel. Built into the wall or drywall, it will make it possible to store as many roles as you need while making them totally invisible. Elegant, but also very functional when you need more space, like when you’re furnishing a small modern bathroom.