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Handleless Flush-to-the-Wall Doors: A Seamless Wall-Like Effect.

Handleless Flush-to-the-Wall Doors
Handleless Flush-to-the-Wall Doors
Handleless Flush-to-the-Wall Doors.

How to Make Doors Invisible by Making Them Handleless and Flush-to-the-Wall.

Would you like to add the seamless continuity of an invisible door to the design of your home? Flush-to-the-wall doors respond to this very need thanks to their unique features. Designed to eliminate any type of protrusion from the housing wall, handless-flush-to-the-wall doors have no frame or casing. This ensures a perfect esthetic and tactile homogeneity when they are closed, an ideal solution if you want to hide an opening or cover a recess or compartment in the wall. But they are also a design concept: you can paint doors and walls the same color or cover them with the same wallpaper, to enhance the mimesis. Or use decorations and contrasting colors, for effective combinations.

Handleless Flush-to-the-Wall Doors: When to Prefer Them.

Flush-to-the-wall doors can be hinged or sliding. The seamlessness of the closure is preserved in both cases thanks to special adjustable hinges and the invisible mechanism inside the wall. Of course, if you wish to achieve the impression of a completely flat, continuous wall, your best choice is a handleless flush-to-the-wall door. Rather, it will be a flush-to-the-wall-door with an apparently invisible handle that functions with a push/pull mechanism. If your choice of a flush-to-the-wall door is not conditioned by the need for total invisibility, nothing prevents you from installing a traditional handle.

Handleless Flush-to-the-Wall Panels: Hidden Recesses for Your Things.

Aside from handleless flush-to-the-wall doors, you can also create invisible recesses in the wall thanks to flush-to-the-wall panels. The aim may be that of hiding a safe or concealing objects or meters, for esthetical or safety reasons. In this case, too, the absence of a handle is a precious bonus. Combined with the panel’s alignment to the wall, it makes for its perfect concealment when it is closed. Handleless flush-to-the-wall panels can be easily accessed thanks to a push/pull mechanism and are a much sought-after solution in contemporary design. Hiding panels and objects from view helps preserve the formal elegance of a room.