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53 mm wooden panel: greater thickness, greater resistance.

InvisibleDoor doors are equipped with a 53mm wooden panel to ensure resistance and durability.

Resistance is a distinguishing feature of InvisibleDoor doors. Thanks to the 53mm panel, all models guarantee durability and stability in time. In fact, the greater thickness makes for the enhanced performance of the door, making it more resistant to shocks and warping.

strong doors panel thicknessContact us to receive your InvisibleDoors equipped with:

  • 53mm panel

  • First protective coat

  • Varnishing or covering on request

  • Invisible adjustable hinges

  • Preassembled squared aluminum frame

  • Magnetic lock suitable for all kinds of handle

Features and customization options.

Every InvisibleDoor door or panel is available in standard or custom measurements. Besides sliding or hinged doors, we have versions without the top rail, as well as full-height, pivot, and double doors.

Furthermore, all doors may be supplied unfinished or customized on demand with all kinds of varnishing or unique coverings.

Contact us for more information or for an estimate. Or purchase the door of your dreams with a few clicks in our on line shop.