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Adjustable invisible hinges: impeccable design bearing up to 96 kgs.

Invisible Door uses only adjustable invisible hinges to ensure the best performance and aesthetics.

Choosing the right hinges is of the utmost importance when installing a door. As the style and functionality of a door can have a huge impact on your home’s design, the quality of its components can also make a difference. The hinges fastening the panel to the frame can vary in model and sturdiness, in aesthetics and durability. Invisible Door only uses adjustable hinges to ensure a perfect installation. All of Invisible Door’s hinges are capable of bearing up to 96 kg and are invisible once they have been installed.

sturdy adjustable hinges

Contact us to purchase your flush-to-the-wall door, wardrobe, or panel. The hinges are all:

  • adjustable in height and depth

  • perfectly invisible

  • resistant in time and capable of bearing up to 96 kg

Adjustable hinges: what are they?

Connecting the panel to the frame, hinges determine how smoothly the door will move and how well it will close. For this reason, they need to be especially resistant and fairly versatile to comply with installation requirements. The adjustable hinges used by Invisible Door can be adjusted for height, sideways, and in depth. In this manner, their installation will be easier and the result impeccable. In fact, since you can adapt the hinges to your needs, you will be able to compensate for any irregularities in the masonry or the drywall in which the frame is set.

Invisible hinges for a seamless effect.

Though efficiency and durability are the first requirement for hinges, looks also count. Especially when dealing with flush-to-the-wall systems where every detail must contribute to achieving invisibility. This is why Invisible Door’s doors, panels, and wardrobes are always fitted with invisible hinges that disappear from sight when the door is closed. Devised to respect the minimal design of contemporary decor, invisible hinges are set in the panel and in the frame. There are no protrusions or extras to break the design of the door.

Resistance and freedom of design: up to 96 kg of bearing capacity.

Invisible Door’s hinges are so resistant they can bear up to 96 kg. Considering that the average weight of a panel is about 20 kg, you have about 70 kg of allowance to use for special coverings. Furthermore, the bearing capacity ensures resistance in time, preventing the door from sagging.

Discover all the models of flush-to-the-wall doors, panels, and wardrobes fitted with adjustable hinges on our website or contact us for more information.