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Wallpapered Flush-to-the-Wall Doors: 3 Ideas for Your Home.

Wallpapered flush-to-the-wall door.
Wallpapered flush-to-the-wall door.
Wallpapered flush-to-the-wall door.

How to apply wallpaper to flush-to-the-wall doors for an irresistible design.

Have you chosen to enhance your home by purchasing flush-to-the-wall doors? The next step is getting the most out of them to obtain the best design solution. Thanks to their “invisibility”, flush-to-the-wall doors are perfect for all kind of furnishing ideas. Playing with different finishes, you will be able to turn the door and its housing wall into a unique and surprising feature. Here are three ideas to give your house a touch of creativity by covering flush-to-the-wall doors with wallpaper.

The wall as a painting: art and perfect mimesis.

The most notable feature of a flush-to-the-wall door is certainly the fact that it disappears into the wall once it is closed. The lack of frame and casing will allow you to let your imagination run wild, using the wall as a continuous surface. This means that if you wish to cover the flush-to-the-wall doors with wallpaper, you can choose among very intricate designs or drawings that cover the entire wall. The profile of the door will not hinder the overall effect, in fact, it will be an integral part of your wall-painting.

Words, words, words: make way for writing and graffiti.

Verba volant, scripta manent, even on a wall. Another way to make the best of the seamless continuity of wall and door is the use of words. Phrases, mantras, quotes that spread across the whole extent of the surface. In this case, to compose your message you can use flush-to-the-wall doors with special stickers or printed wallpaper. The essential design of the flush-to-the-wall door will provide you with a smooth flat surface.

Geometry and rationality, with a unique touch.

Do you love order and minimalism? Thanks to their essential design, flush-to-the-wall doors are the perfect solution for locations imbued with simplicity. But if you wish to contrast the rigor with a touch of creativity, you may use flush-to-the-wall doors with wallpaper in geometrical motifs. The effect is clean and unique and the continuity of the decoration is perfectly respected.

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