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How to Light Your Gazebo in the Summer: 3 Easy and Functional Ideas

Incandescence lightbulbs

Incandescence lightbulbs
Three easy ways to light your Gazebo.

Suffused atmospheres, magical allure, and strategical spot lighting: here are some ideas to light your gazebo for an unforgettable summer evening

Are you anxious to enjoy the sweet summer evenings on your terrace or in your garden? The first step to enjoy it fully is lighting the gazebo properly. Whether your aim is a dinner with your friends or a sweet solitary moment of relax, strategic lighting is fundamental. Naturally, every occasion calls for a different lighting, as does every style of furniture. So here are some recommendations by Invisible-Door you can adapt to your personality.

Fireflies and lanterns: a soft intimate setting for romantics.

Do you love the burning flame of candles, but don’t want to give up gazing up at the stars? The solution for you are lanterns, or strings of hanging LED or incandescence lightbulbs. Drape them around the structure and you’ll obtain an alluring effect. Choose lights and lanterns designed for out of doors, or remove them immediately after supper to avoid short circuits. Aside from purchasing different kinds of lights to brighten your gazebo and outdoor areas, you can also resort to DIY solutions. For example, you can place small candles inside little glass jars and hang them, or arrange them on the table. The effect is guaranteed and the moon will not be dimmed.

Spotlights and floor lamps: for those who like to see clearly.

It’s fine to be romantic, but in the case of a dinner with friends, practicality comes first. Careful not to overdo it though. If darkness isn’t your accomplice, too much light can also be annoying. Spotlights, big and small, no matter how effective, should be used sparingly. Better to choose those with adjustable intensity and direction. Outdoor floor lamps are also possible solutions to light the gazebo and the garden. Much depends on how much space you have and which surfaces and walls are nearby.

Pay Attention to the Table: light is served.

Do you like to put people at the center of the scene? Place the lights on the table to channel attention to the conviviality of the moment. There are certainly plenty of creative solutions. Aside from the aforementioned candles, you can get LED strings and wrap them around the serving dishes at the center of the table. Or wind them around colored glass bottles, turning them into unique lamps. Choose warm lights that aren’t too intense so as not to risk blinding your guests. After all, that’s what you’re there for.