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How to Choose Your Bathroom Door: Some Essential Suggestions.

Bathroom door.
Bathroom door.
Bathroom door.

The features of the perfect door for one of the most intimate rooms in the house.

When furnishing a house, the bathroom is one of the rooms that requires the most careful planning. Privacy and comfort are the priorities governing all of our choices, and even the door will have to meet some requirements to ensure enduring peace and practicality. Here are some considerations that must be made when choosing the ideal door.

Description: Designing for Privacy.

This is a private, intimate space, so the bathroom door will have to reflect these qualities. Ideally, from an aesthetic point of view, a bathroom door should be essential and discrete in its design. No one wants to attract one’s guests’ attention when using this room. Thus, you will want to choose a sober door with minimal lines. You can even opt for total mimesis with the wall, choosing a flush-to-the-wall hinged door. A finish matching the wall will make for near invisibility.

Functionality: Daily Comfort.

Aesthetics are certainly not the only aspect you want to keep in mind when speaking of bathroom doors. As this is a room you will be using on a daily basis, you need to make sure the bathroom is perfectly functional. What initially may seem a minor inconvenience can become intolerable day in and day out. So you want to choose a very high quality door, resistant and with hinges that will prevent sagging. Cheap solutions often make for poor performance.

Make Way for Comfort: Saving Space.

Another fundamental aspect in the choice of doors, especially for a bathroom, is the evaluation of the available area. When a bathroom is small or opens into a hallway, it is important to save as much space as possible to make room for moving around and for the fixtures. In these cases, you might consider a sliding door, which would reduce the space necessary for the door to function as much as possible. Every centimeter earned can make a difference.

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