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Do-it-Yourself Garden Furnishings: 3 Ideas to Inspire You

DIY garden

With spring comes the wish to enhance the outdoors. Here is how you can create the perfect DIY garden.

In the month of April, the sun returns to shed its light on balconies and gardens, the ideal locations for outdoor lunches and breakfasts. DIY garden furnishings are a satisfying way to return outdoors and prepare for relaxing weekends. If a bit of dexterity is a plus, in these cases ideas are what saves the day. So here are 3 ideas you can copy for simple but effective DIY garden furnishings.

DIY Garden Furnishings: Upcycling with Style and Ecology in Mind

Upcycling, or creative recycling, is the real protagonist of DIY furnishings. The garden is no exception, in fact it is perfectly suited to welcome rustic, shabby, or worn looking objects and pieces of furniture. With a modest restyling, old unused drawers can be turned into unique containers to furnish a leisure area out of doors, maybe alongside a nice hammock. Repainted fruit crates can be delightful flower pots, while old benches can enhance a corner with the allure of past times.

Pallets: Sectional DIY Garden Furnishings

This trend has been going on for a few years but gives no sign of going out of fashion. And how could it? Pallets are a godsend for garden designers. The functionality and versatility of pallets, which you can arrange to your liking, turn garden furnishing into a game of assembly and creativity. Use them to make tables, seats, furniture, and flower pots. If you have a look on Instagram you’ll see there’s no limit to creativity.

DIY Garden Furnishing: Aim High

Your outdoor area isn’t very big? No problem. You can furnish your garden or balcony using the height of the walls. Aside from the famous vertical vegetable gardens, with pots or bottles hanging from the walls, you can opt for exclusive suspended solutions. Flowers, plants, lights, and decorations gracefully drop from branches, arches, and floor lamps to enhance the ambience with touches of color. An extra idea? Tea pots, jars, and discarded sets of dishes that can be recycled as vases and candle holders.

And you? What are your ideas for the design of your garden?