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Furnishing a Studio Apartment: 5 Space-Saving Solutions

studio apartment interior
studio apartment interior
How to furnish a studio apartment.

Essential ideas and principles to furnish a studio apartment functionally and stylishly

Furnishing a studio apartment requires strategy and planning to effectively exploit the (limited) space available. Loved more and more, and not only by singles, studio apartments are full of potential. You just have to know how to exploit it following some everlasting expedients adaptable to your individual style. Here are 5 invaluable recommendations on how to furnish a studio apartment for a surprising result.

Furnishing a studio apartment: magical drawers

The first principle you should follow when you don’t have much space is the elimination of the superfluous. Ideally, every piece of furniture should have at least two functions. An evergreen example is the use of furniture, beds, and stairs with drawers. These hidden spaces are extremely useful to keep the environment free of clutter. They can contain linens, dishes, documents, books, toys, and anything you don’t want to pile up on the shelves or on the floor.

Furnishing a studio apartment: lights and mirrors

An essential element in the furnishing of a studio apartment is lighting. Aside from making the best use of natural light trying not to obstruct it, it is important to distribute sufficient artificial light sources. The idea that less space implies fewer lights is a common mistake. Ceiling lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps, placed in the proper corners like small centers of light, separate the space gracefully, identifying different areas. No less important are mirrors, which, ably placed, contribute to amplify the perceived space.

Furnishing a studio apartment: height is half the beauty

If the floor space is limited, making use of the height is indispensable. For those lucky enough to be furnishing a studio apartment with a very high ceiling, a loft is almost mandatory. Here there can be space and privacy for a bedroom or a place to relax. Otherwise you can still use the walls for bookshelves and cupboards that take up the entire height.

Furnishing a studio apartment: to see or not to see

One of the most cherished solutions for studio apartments is the open-space. However, sometimes separating areas is necessary – as for the bathroom – or simply enjoyable. Since the locale is small, it is best to choose solutions that don’t encumber the space. For example, Japanese screens, glass walls, or flush-to-the-wall sliding doors, which, when opened, become an unencumbered arch.

Furnishing a studio apartment: don’t open the door!

When you live in a studio apartment, it’s hard to find a place for everything. The risk that undesirable objects remain visible is fairly high. Aside from the aforementioned drawers, an effective solution is invisible access panels. Flush to the wall cupboards can become broom closets or small laundry rooms. You can also use these for more original solutions, for example to create a small studio-area with a built-in desk.