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The Invisible Wardrobe: A Solution for Small Spaces

flush-to-the-wall invisible wardrobe
flush-to-the-wall invisible wardrobe
Invisible-wardrobe flush-to-the-wall.

Functional and modern, invisible wardrobes can unburden even the smallest of rooms

Invisible wardrobes are a practical solution for any room in the house. Their space-saving functionality makes them precious allies in keeping everything tidy and uncluttered. Not only can they be useful for storing objects and clothing, but, thanks to their extremely essential design, they can contribute to the esthetics of the room. Here are all of the advantages of an invisible wardrobe and suggestions on the type to choose based on how much space you have.

The Advantages of Invisible Wardrobes in Interior Design

When dealing with limited surfaces, an invisible wardrobe can help make of the most of the available space. Having a closed cabinet in which you can hang things such as coats and scarves or store bags and backpacks will allow you to eliminate a fair amount of bulky and ungainly clutter. Furthermore, unlike a normal wardrobe, an invisible wardrobe doesn’t interfere with the design of the room, for when it is closed it creates a seamless wall, elegant and clean. This is why we highly recommend creating an invisible wardrobe using corners and recesses in the wall.      

Flush-to-the-Wall Invisible Wardrobe: Essential and Functional

If the invisible wardrobe is flush-to-the-wall, i.e. without frame or other protruding features, the faux-wall effect is even more effective. This type of wardrobe can be perfectly concealed by using the same paint used on the walls. Or you could choose to cover it in a unique way, playing with the perfectly flat surface, using stickers or wall paper, for example. It’s the perfect solution for all kinds of rooms: large bedrooms, with a decorative function, or smaller spaces, such as a hallway or a study. To further increase the impression of space, you could even choose an invisible wardrobe with mirror doors.      

Invisible Wardrobes with Sliding Doors

When you are choosing a flush-to-the-wall wardrobe, you can opt for the hinged version or go for sliding doors. If you choose the latter, the concealing system will slide the doors into the housing wall. Thus, they take up no space at all, eliminating the surface needed by the hinged door to open outwards. The installation calls for specific masonry work, not necessary when dealing with a hinged door, but the amount of space you save makes it worth the while. Otherwise, the invisible wardrobe may be installed in a drywall structure.