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53 mm wooden panel: greater thickness, greater resistance.

InvisibleDoor doors are equipped with a 53mm wooden panel to ensure resistance and durability.

Resistance is a distinguishing feature of InvisibleDoor doors. Thanks to the 53mm panel, all models guarantee durability and stability in time. In fact, the greater thickness makes for the enhanced performance of the door, making it more resistant to shocks and warping.

strong doors panel thicknessContact us to receive your InvisibleDoors equipped with:

  • 53mm panel

  • First protective coat

  • Varnishing or covering on request

  • Invisible adjustable hinges

  • Preassembled squared aluminum frame

  • Magnetic lock suitable for all kinds of handle

Features and customization options.

Every InvisibleDoor door or panel is available in standard or custom measurements. Besides sliding or hinged doors, we have versions without the top rail, as well as full-height, pivot, and double doors.

Furthermore, all doors may be supplied unfinished or customized on demand with all kinds of varnishing or unique coverings.

Contact us for more information or for an estimate. Or purchase the door of your dreams with a few clicks in our on line shop.

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Preassembled squared frame: it makes for quick and easy installation.

InvisibleDoor doors are sold with a preassembled squared frame to make them easier to install.

You can install an InvisibleDoor door yourself. In fact, the quality of the door itself and the fact that it comes equipped with a preassembled squared frame will make the operation easier. Thus, you won’t need to request technical assistance should you not want it. You can install your flush-to-the-wall panel or door in either masonry or drywall.
pre-assembled frame in squareSee our technical information sheets for installation instructions.

Preassembled squared frames: what are the advantages?

InvisibleDoor systems are sold with ready-to-be-installed, preassembled squared frames. When you install your own door, one of the most delicate phases is the placing and setting of the frame. Some producers sell frames that require assembling, which takes time as you will have to screw, bracket, or glue the corners depending on the type of frame. Furthermore, all these operations need to be carried out very carefully or you risk ending up with an irregular frame. For this reason, before you install a frame, you always have to make sure it is in-square, both horizontally and vertically, with a bubble level and plumb line.

With InvisibleDoor’s preassembled squared frame you will save a significant amount of time and the final result will be more professional.

Discover all the InvisibleDoor products you can install on your own or for which you can request the assistance of our experts.

Have you already purchased an InvisibleDoor door, panel, or wardrobe? Visit our website to discover how to install it in masonry or drywall, or contact us if you require assistance.

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Adjustable invisible hinges: impeccable design bearing up to 96 kgs.

Invisible Door uses only adjustable invisible hinges to ensure the best performance and aesthetics.

Choosing the right hinges is of the utmost importance when installing a door. As the style and functionality of a door can have a huge impact on your home’s design, the quality of its components can also make a difference. The hinges fastening the panel to the frame can vary in model and sturdiness, in aesthetics and durability. Invisible Door only uses adjustable hinges to ensure a perfect installation. All of Invisible Door’s hinges are capable of bearing up to 96 kg and are invisible once they have been installed.

sturdy adjustable hinges

Contact us to purchase your flush-to-the-wall door, wardrobe, or panel. The hinges are all:

  • adjustable in height and depth

  • perfectly invisible

  • resistant in time and capable of bearing up to 96 kg

Adjustable hinges: what are they?

Connecting the panel to the frame, hinges determine how smoothly the door will move and how well it will close. For this reason, they need to be especially resistant and fairly versatile to comply with installation requirements. The adjustable hinges used by Invisible Door can be adjusted for height, sideways, and in depth. In this manner, their installation will be easier and the result impeccable. In fact, since you can adapt the hinges to your needs, you will be able to compensate for any irregularities in the masonry or the drywall in which the frame is set.

Invisible hinges for a seamless effect.

Though efficiency and durability are the first requirement for hinges, looks also count. Especially when dealing with flush-to-the-wall systems where every detail must contribute to achieving invisibility. This is why Invisible Door’s doors, panels, and wardrobes are always fitted with invisible hinges that disappear from sight when the door is closed. Devised to respect the minimal design of contemporary decor, invisible hinges are set in the panel and in the frame. There are no protrusions or extras to break the design of the door.

Resistance and freedom of design: up to 96 kg of bearing capacity.

Invisible Door’s hinges are so resistant they can bear up to 96 kg. Considering that the average weight of a panel is about 20 kg, you have about 70 kg of allowance to use for special coverings. Furthermore, the bearing capacity ensures resistance in time, preventing the door from sagging.

Discover all the models of flush-to-the-wall doors, panels, and wardrobes fitted with adjustable hinges on our website or contact us for more information.

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Spring&Summer 2019 Colors: how to use them in furnishing.

Spring summer colors 2019.
Spring summer colors 2019.
Spring summer colors 2019.

All the Pantone spring&summer 2019 colors in interior design.

Summer is a soulful season. Nature flourishes alongside your desire for a change and your ideas to renovate the environment you inhabit. What better inspiration than the spring&summer 2019 colors suggested by Pantone to enliven your home or office? Here are the trending colors and the best ideas to employ them in furnishing:

Energizing Coral.

Perfectly in line with sparkling marine atmospheres, coral holds a place of honor among the colors for spring&summer 2019. Pantone’s Living Coralis even the color of the year, chosen for its bright and delicate liveliness that paves the way for eleganceand sociability. But the warm Fiesta tonality is equally interesting, though more intense and showy. Thanks to its energizing quality, coral is perfect for decorating living rooms or for bedroom curtains and throw pillows. If you truly love this color, you might choose it for a single wall in the living room, a break in monotone white.

Introspective Blue.

Depth and balance are some of the main traits of the color blue. Two are the tonalities chosen for the spring&summer colors of 2019: Princess blue, bright and full of light, ideal for children’s rooms, your studio or a modern living room, possibly paired with lemon yellow; or the more intense Eclipse, a very classy tonality if combined with woodor marble, perfect for decorations, doors, or upholstered seats. Choose this color if you want to play with contrasts, say between floors and furniture, or walls and flush-to-the-wall doors painted in contrasting colors.

Peaceful Green.

Forget Greenery, the color of the year 2017, and the various shades of acid green. The trending greens for 2019 are far more sophisticated tonalities. Refined Terrarium Moss, an opaque sage nuance, goes hand in hand with warm wood hues, with leather, or even with smoke or milky white. The lighter Pepper Stem is perfect with dove grey, gold, or purple. Choose green for rugs, varnished wood furniture, or walls. A tranquilizing result is ensured.

Seductive Pink.

Cool shades of pink conquer spring&summer 2019 with two equally intriguing variants. The first is the delicate Sweet Liliac, pale and airy, perfect for walls, seats, and covers. A discrete and romantic tonality that is perfectly suited to even the most classic furnishings. The second, Pink Peacock, is a more demanding shade of fuchsia, perfect for small touches of color combined with white or ivory, or to enliven neutral environments.

A Yellow Beam of Light.

The color of the Sun is a must in the pleasant season, and in fact here it is, shining out among the colors for spring&summer 2019 in three marvelous shades. The most energizing is, without a doubt, Aspen Gold, a bright blond hue that can be paired with orange and blue for an illuminating effect. For those who prefer warmer hues, orange tinted Mango Mojito and spicy Turmeric are ready to bring an exotic touch, a blend of seduction and vitality. Choose these for walls, doors, or decorations in the kitchen, the living room or the study. There is no such thing as too much cheer in your convivial spaces.

Elegant Brown.

Brown has returned, in the title role, to the world of furnishing. Now, even in the spring&summer season, thanks to the warm earthen hues that evoke belonging and familiarity. Toffee, with its caramel nuance, is an extremely effective color for furniture as well as for walls. You may choose to pair it with pale wood, smoke or ivory white, Terrarium Moss green, rust red or Burgundy.

The Irresistible Lightness of Neutral Hues.

It may be because of the refinement they seem to radiate, or because of the practical pairings they make possible, neutral hues never go out of fashion. White, grey, sand, and creamare among the most recommended of spring&summer 2019 colors for those who love the quiet and purity of a minimal environment. Aside from their refreshing and relaxing effect, neutral hues can be combined with all the aforementioned colors. All you have to do is set your fantasy free and let yourself be guided by inspiration.

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Wallpapered Flush-to-the-Wall Doors: 3 Ideas for Your Home.

Wallpapered flush-to-the-wall door.
Wallpapered flush-to-the-wall door.
Wallpapered flush-to-the-wall door.

How to apply wallpaper to flush-to-the-wall doors for an irresistible design.

Have you chosen to enhance your home by purchasing flush-to-the-wall doors? The next step is getting the most out of them to obtain the best design solution. Thanks to their “invisibility”, flush-to-the-wall doors are perfect for all kind of furnishing ideas. Playing with different finishes, you will be able to turn the door and its housing wall into a unique and surprising feature. Here are three ideas to give your house a touch of creativity by covering flush-to-the-wall doors with wallpaper.

The wall as a painting: art and perfect mimesis.

The most notable feature of a flush-to-the-wall door is certainly the fact that it disappears into the wall once it is closed. The lack of frame and casing will allow you to let your imagination run wild, using the wall as a continuous surface. This means that if you wish to cover the flush-to-the-wall doors with wallpaper, you can choose among very intricate designs or drawings that cover the entire wall. The profile of the door will not hinder the overall effect, in fact, it will be an integral part of your wall-painting.

Words, words, words: make way for writing and graffiti.

Verba volant, scripta manent, even on a wall. Another way to make the best of the seamless continuity of wall and door is the use of words. Phrases, mantras, quotes that spread across the whole extent of the surface. In this case, to compose your message you can use flush-to-the-wall doors with special stickers or printed wallpaper. The essential design of the flush-to-the-wall door will provide you with a smooth flat surface.

Geometry and rationality, with a unique touch.

Do you love order and minimalism? Thanks to their essential design, flush-to-the-wall doors are the perfect solution for locations imbued with simplicity. But if you wish to contrast the rigor with a touch of creativity, you may use flush-to-the-wall doors with wallpaper in geometrical motifs. The effect is clean and unique and the continuity of the decoration is perfectly respected.

Visit our site to discover all the models and find inspiration for your flush-to-the-wall doors.

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How to Choose Your Bathroom Door: Some Essential Suggestions.

Bathroom door.
Bathroom door.
Bathroom door.

The features of the perfect door for one of the most intimate rooms in the house.

When furnishing a house, the bathroom is one of the rooms that requires the most careful planning. Privacy and comfort are the priorities governing all of our choices, and even the door will have to meet some requirements to ensure enduring peace and practicality. Here are some considerations that must be made when choosing the ideal door.

Description: Designing for Privacy.

This is a private, intimate space, so the bathroom door will have to reflect these qualities. Ideally, from an aesthetic point of view, a bathroom door should be essential and discrete in its design. No one wants to attract one’s guests’ attention when using this room. Thus, you will want to choose a sober door with minimal lines. You can even opt for total mimesis with the wall, choosing a flush-to-the-wall hinged door. A finish matching the wall will make for near invisibility.

Functionality: Daily Comfort.

Aesthetics are certainly not the only aspect you want to keep in mind when speaking of bathroom doors. As this is a room you will be using on a daily basis, you need to make sure the bathroom is perfectly functional. What initially may seem a minor inconvenience can become intolerable day in and day out. So you want to choose a very high quality door, resistant and with hinges that will prevent sagging. Cheap solutions often make for poor performance.

Make Way for Comfort: Saving Space.

Another fundamental aspect in the choice of doors, especially for a bathroom, is the evaluation of the available area. When a bathroom is small or opens into a hallway, it is important to save as much space as possible to make room for moving around and for the fixtures. In these cases, you might consider a sliding door, which would reduce the space necessary for the door to function as much as possible. Every centimeter earned can make a difference.

Discover all our flush-to-the-wall solutions for bathroom doors and more on our website.

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The flush-to-the-wall walk-in wardrobe: furnishing advantages and requirements.

04cabina_armadio_aperta.jpgWhen and why it is truly useful to install a flush-to-the-wall walk-in wardrobe.

Flush-to-the-wall walk-in wardrobes are a must in contemporary home furnishing. Invisible and the same color as the wall or set off with unique colors and finishes, it combines practicality and minimal design. Furthermore, the fact that you can customize the latches to fit the style of the room makes this solution versatile and unique. But when is it actually useful to install a flush-to-the-wall walk-in wardrobe and what are the requisites?

Appearance and characteristics of flush-to-the-wall walk-in wardrobes.

As with every flush-to-the-wall system, walk-in wardrobes stand out for the absence of frames and casings. This means that the panel does not protrude from the wall, be it masonry or plasterboard, in which it is installed. Its extreme formal simplicity makes this solution perfect for modern and contemporary contexts where the mantra is “less is more.” But you can also cover the paneling of the doors with decorations, wallpaper, or a coat of paint which will make the flush-to-the-wall walk-in wardrobe a perfect fit even in more classic or retro settings.

Sliding or hinged: how to choose a door based on the available space.

Do you think that your home is too small for a walk-in wardrobe? It is actually a question of careful planning. It is certainly true that large spaces afford more room for this type of solution, but even smaller rooms often have unused corners and walls. Careful planning is the key. For example, if you have a vast wall available but limited space in depth, you can choose a flush-to-the-wall walk-in wardrobe with sliding doors. On the other hand, hinged doors can be installed even in very narrow spaces and don’t require masonry work, but you have to keep in mind the opening swing.

Where to install the flush-to-the-wall walk-in wardrobe?

Installing a flush-to-the-wall walk-in wardrobe is possible both in masonry walls and plasterboard. Where to place it in the house will depend on the conformation of the rooms. For example, in a long narrow space you can use one of the two extremities for the walk-in wardrobe, placing it at the end opposite to the bed or behind the headboard. If the room is small, you can cut out a small walk-in wardrobe using any existing niches or recesses in the wall or with a plasterboard structure that cuts off only one corner. Another extremely functional solution is placing it under a staircase or in a recess in the masonry.

Among the advantages of a flush-to-the-wall walk-in wardrobe is the fact that it can be installed without overwhelming the design of the room. Even in tiny spaces, like hallways or bathrooms, a flush-to-the-wall cabinet preserves the essential simplicity of a plain wall. On the other hand, when you have plenty of room and the style is right, you canplay with design using color combinations, stickers, and wallpaper. High-quality flush-to-the-wall systems, such as InvisibleDoor’s walk-in wardrobes, include silent runners, invisible hinges, custom-made products and any number of opportunities for customization. Discover all your options on our website.

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Why choose us? All the advantages of InvisibleDoor.

Flush-to-the-wall pivot door.
Flush-to-the-wall pivot door.
Flush-to-the-wall pivot door.

InvisibleDoor combines the convenience of factory prices with impeccable technical features. Discover all the advantages.

Would you like to purchase a flush-to-the-wall door that combines convenience and functionality? With InvisibleDoor you can choose from a selection of sliding or hinged doors, panels or flush-to-the-wall wardrobes at factory prices without forsaking quality. The technical features of our flush-to-the-wall systems are designed to offer a top quality product, impeccable in every detail.

Aside from the refined design and the endless possibilities of customization, for every door InvisibleDoor guarantees:

  • Adjustable hinges that bear up to 70 kg beyond the weight of the door.

  • 53 mm warp-proof panel.

  • Pre-assembled squared frame to simplify installation.

Adjustable InvisibleDoor hinges.

All hinges supplied by InvisibleDoor are adjustable, thus allowing to regulate depth, height and width to compensate for any defects in the masonry. The result is a perfect alignment with the wall. Furthermore, InvisibleDoor’s hinges bear up to 70 kg beyond the weight of the door. A precious advantage that will allow for any kid of paneling, including tiles or particular textures.

Every InvisibleDoor door, panel, and walk-in wardrobe is equipped with invisible hinges, set into both the panel and the frame, preventing warping and ensuring total invisibility.

InvisibleDoor panels.

Thanks to their special 53mm panels, InvisibleDoors are sturdier and more resistant. The heft and width of the panel will resist the deformations of time, making for a very high-quality product.

Pre-assembled squared frame.

Every InvisibleDoor is delivered with a preassembled frame to facilitate installation. Thanks to the rod included in the frame, the door will remain squared during installation, making the procedure easier. Find information on our website to install your own product, or contact us to receive assistance or request installation.

Custom measures and finishes.

Thanks to our website, you can purchase doors and panels in standard measures, or request special measurements. We will gladly produce the door that responds to your specific needs. Furthermore, our doors are all supplied either unfinished or varnished with colors and finishes of your choice. Discover all the options or contact us to order your door.

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Use the coupon SPRING19 to get your discount!

Use the code SPRING19 and buy a flush-to-the-wall door at a special price.

Until 30 june, 2019, buying a invisible-doors hinged door will cost even less. With the code SPRING19 you will receive an immediate discount on the purchase of hinged flush-to-the-wall doors (60×210, 70×210, 80×210).

For example, a standard hinged door that costs 444, 08€ will be only 399€. Discover all our promotions and use the code during check-out to get your discount.

Obtaining your discount is easy:

Choose your favorite flush-to-the-wall hinged door (standard measures 60×210, 70×210, 80×210).

Add it to your cart and proceed to check-out.

Click on the box “Apply Coupon” and type in SPRING19.

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How to install a flush-to-the-wall panel.

How to install a flush-to-the-wall-panel.

Step by step instructions to install a flush-to-the-wall panel in a masonry wall.

Do you want to conceal recesses, wiring or meters with a flush-to-the-wall panel? Excellent idea. The special technology of flush-to-the-wall panels makes for total invisibility. Thanks to the absence of protruding elements and adjustable hidden hinges, a closed flush-to-the-wall panel is perfectly aligned with the housing wall. Furthermore, to open and close it a soft push of your hand will be sufficient – no need for handles. But ? Here is how to install a flush-to-the-wall panel in a masonry wall.

Flush-to-the-wall panel: what it looks like.

Flush-to-the-wall solutions can differ depending on the maker. InvisibleDoor panels are easy to install in plasterboard or masonry walls. The panel, 19 mm in width, is in fact pre-installed in the frame, and the hinges fitted on the panels are adjustable. This makes it possible to adjust height, length and depth to compensate for any defects in the wall so that the panel will be perfectly aligned. Flush-to-the-wall panels can be ordered without handles, with push/pull systems, or with knobs. Here is how to install them in three simple steps.

How to install flush-to-the-wall panels in masonry.

1. Take the panel (A) mounted in the frame (B) and insert it in the opening in the brickwork. During this operation, you must pay attention that it is level and plumb in all directions.

2. Fasten the frame by walling in the cramp irons already arranged on the frame (C) .

3. Apply mesh on the surfaces where the plaster meets the aluminum frame and spackel carefully.

Thus installation will be practical and efficient. In any case, InvisibleDoor will gladly install your panels on demand.