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Home Office: Furnishing Suggestions

Home office
Home office
Home office furnishing solution.

Creative and Functional Ideas for a Practical and Original Home Office

With the increase of freelance work, the demand for home offices also has grown. Those who have a room they can devote to the creation of a studio should always follow some important criteria to make the best possible use of the space. Those who aren’t so lucky can still create a professional corner in another room. In this case, differentiation and functionality are the bywords. Here are some suggestions to furnish a home office so as to make it both pleasant and productive.

Make Way for Contents: Hidden Solutions for Your Home Office

The first rule of a workspace can only be rationality. Which doesn’t necessarily imply formal rigor or monotony. But it is absolutely necessary to clear the field from useless bric-a-brac and curtail confusion. So make way for containers, drawers and shelves that will help to organize files and instruments, maybe catalogued with special labels. If the surface available is limited, you can resort to hidden doors and flush-to-the-wall panels. A clean environment without frills is incredibly good for concentration.

Home Office Colors: From Walls to Upholstery

It is not just an urban legend that colors influence mood and intellect. How should you color your home office? Little does it matter if it’s the whole room, the furniture, or just a single wall in front of the desk. The color you pick will make all the difference. In particular, orange stimulates balance and vitality, and it is perfectly suited to young environment. Green and light blue are relaxing and soothing. Purple favors introspection and creativity, while yellow is a source of energy. Finally, white is classic but beneficial for concentration. Avoid it only if it doesn’t differentiate your work corner from the rest of the house.

Comfortable Working: The Importance of Ergonomic Seating

There’s no need to say it: you work best when you’re comfortable. Not too much though: you don’t want to enhance laziness. The importance of an ergonomic chair and a desk of the right height should not be underestimated. Similarly, the proper distance from the computer, the proximity of the objects you use the most and of electrical outlets are aspects you should consider. Reserve your energy for productivity.

Footlights: Spots of Light that Turn Ideas On

Lighting is an instrumental aspect when you are designing a space. Especially a workspace. For your home office you should choose a well-lit room or position. An abundance of natural light is ideal, paying attention to possible glare on your computer screen and the itinerary of the sun throughout the day. Table or floor lamps can help compensate shortcomings. For a greater efficiency and a minor production of heat, you can try LED lights. In general, consider the balance of active vision and resting your eyes. For people who work at a computer, consider purchasing special glasses that filter the blue light of the screen.

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Make Way for Simplicity: Essenzialed Is the Feature of the Month

light LED flush-to-the-wall
light LED flush-to-the-wall

InvisibleDoor’s angle on companies, projects, and professionals in the field of minimal elegance.

May is the perfect month to begin enjoying outdoor spaces even after dark. That’s why this month’s feature deals with a company with 30 years of experience in the area of lighting. Essenzialed is a brand that has always researched innovative and original solutions. With the contribution of architects and light designers, Essenzialed’s products will win you over with their efficiency and minimal esthetics.

Essenzialed indoor and outdoor solutions are the ideal complement for modern and refined furniture, veritable artworks of light that embrace the minimal philosophy of InvisibleDoor. It is not by chance that Essenzialed also offers flush-to-the-wall solutions, designed to become discretely integrated with the house, with the added value of lighting effects. To all this, add the advantage of energy-saving typical of LED lights.

Are you an architect or do you have firm with a story to tell? Contact us to tell us about your essential design experience outside of the door category. InvisibleDoor pays homage to Italian and international companies that share their values of style and functionality, hosting the most interesting projects and case histories in their newsletter. An extra instrument to create contacts and promote exchange and relations in the field of furniture and design.

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Outdoor Furniture: 2018 Spring/Summer Trends

Outdoor furniture: chairs.
Outdoor furniture: chairs.
Outdoor furniture: Bergére Emma.

Be inspired by all the outdoor trends for the new season

Outdoor furniture played a central role at the recent Design Week in Milan. Naturally because of the arrival of the 2018 spring/summer season, but also thanks to the constant innovation in materials and design. Furniture and textiles designed to experience the outdoors with a laid-back straightforwardness without forsaking impeccable esthetics. Here are the trends for furnishing balconies, gardens, and terraces.

2018 Spring/Summer Outdoor Furniture: the Power of Versatility

The first of the 2018 outdoor trends is the desire to overcome limits, both in space and time. The search for resistant materials and textiles for furniture, increasingly designed for all four seasons follows this direction. Simultaneously, the distinction between outdoor and indoor becomes more evanescent, making way for hybrid solutions, ideal for terraces and partially covered verandas, but also for gardens sheltered by gazebos.

Vintage Allure and Innovative Materials: Resistance and Design

The search for innovative materials is essential in seconding the versatility of furniture. Judging by the collections displayed at the Milan Design Week 2018, weather resistance goes hand in hand with style. From the shell-shaped Dedon chair to the ’78 Ginger and the net backing of the Bergére Emma chair, vintage resonances give furnishings a touch of sentiment without being nostalgic. They are modernized by the choice of technical and removable textiles, thermoplastic or PVC upholstery and resistant structures in teak, sintered stone, thermovarnished aluminum or zinc-coated steel. A perfect synthesis of substance and appearance.

Comfort and Ecology: New Outdoor Architecture

The search for eco-friendly solutions is another outdoor trend that is found in many projects. Outdoor architecture becomes increasingly complex and revolutionary. Bioclimatic arbors promise efficiency and minimal impact, and are capable of adapting to different weather conditions thanks to the adjustable plates. Veritable outdoor living rooms display a design inspired by indoor furniture and equally advanced functionality. Cooking areas and roofs and adjustable walls recreate, if necessary, the intimacy of the walls of your home.


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Make Way for Simplicity: Ditre Italia Is the Feature of the Month

interior design by Ditre Italia
interior design by Ditre Italia
Kanaha by Ditre Italia.

InvisibleDoor’s angle on companies, projects, and professionals in the area of minimal elegance.

April isn’t only the month for outdoor life basking in the Spring sun. It is also a month that invites relaxation and well-deserved quiet weekend breaks. This is why we have chosen a company that is well-known for the comfort and quality of their sofas, beds, and easy chairs. Ditre Italia boasts over 40 years in the field. Since the De Marchi brothers established the workshop in 1976, the brand has developed into an international actor. The quality of materials and craftsmanship, the care for details and finishings, are some of the strong points that define their excellence.

Ditre Italia products stand out also because of their elegant and balanced design, in line with InvisibleDoor’s philosophy. Their series are designed to furnish living rooms and bedrooms with exclusive and functional solutions. From Ditre Kris couches to Vela and Kyo easy chairs, to the refined decorations of the Bag series. A plethora of products perfect to enhance the comfort and atmosphere of your house and fully enjoy time spent at home.

Are you an architect or do you have firm with a story to tell? Contact us to tell us about your essential design experience outside of the door category. InvisibleDoor pays homage to Italian and international companies that share their values of style and functionality, hosting the most interesting projects and case histories in their newsletter. An extra instrument to create contacts and promote exchange and relations in the field of furniture and design.

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Do-it-Yourself Garden Furnishings: 3 Ideas to Inspire You

DIY garden

DIY garden

With spring comes the wish to enhance the outdoors. Here is how you can create the perfect DIY garden.

In the month of April, the sun returns to shed its light on balconies and gardens, the ideal locations for outdoor lunches and breakfasts. DIY garden furnishings are a satisfying way to return outdoors and prepare for relaxing weekends. If a bit of dexterity is a plus, in these cases ideas are what saves the day. So here are 3 ideas you can copy for simple but effective DIY garden furnishings.

DIY Garden Furnishings: Upcycling with Style and Ecology in Mind

Upcycling, or creative recycling, is the real protagonist of DIY furnishings. The garden is no exception, in fact it is perfectly suited to welcome rustic, shabby, or worn looking objects and pieces of furniture. With a modest restyling, old unused drawers can be turned into unique containers to furnish a leisure area out of doors, maybe alongside a nice hammock. Repainted fruit crates can be delightful flower pots, while old benches can enhance a corner with the allure of past times.

Pallets: Sectional DIY Garden Furnishings

This trend has been going on for a few years but gives no sign of going out of fashion. And how could it? Pallets are a godsend for garden designers. The functionality and versatility of pallets, which you can arrange to your liking, turn garden furnishing into a game of assembly and creativity. Use them to make tables, seats, furniture, and flower pots. If you have a look on Instagram you’ll see there’s no limit to creativity.

DIY Garden Furnishing: Aim High

Your outdoor area isn’t very big? No problem. You can furnish your garden or balcony using the height of the walls. Aside from the famous vertical vegetable gardens, with pots or bottles hanging from the walls, you can opt for exclusive suspended solutions. Flowers, plants, lights, and decorations gracefully drop from branches, arches, and floor lamps to enhance the ambience with touches of color. An extra idea? Tea pots, jars, and discarded sets of dishes that can be recycled as vases and candle holders.

And you? What are your ideas for the design of your garden?

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Spring 2018 Design: All the Ideas for the Renovation of Your House

Interior design Shaker style.
Interior design Shaker style.
Interior design Shaker style.

Indispensable Colors, materials and trends for interior design in springtime

The pleasant season always brings new inspirations to redesign your house in the name of color and lightness. What are the trends for spring 2018 interior design? Here is a selection of the most intriguing ideas to adopt in the renovation of your home.

Spring 2018 Interior Design: trending styles

After the success of contemporary minimalistic design, the time has come for retro. So make way for home-made solutions, vintage atmospheres and decorations, but without incurring in a baroque excess. If you love simplicity, set aside the wintery Nordic style and embrace the American Shaker. Inspired by the religious community of the same name, it is a sober and functional style in which wood and handcrafts reign supreme. The industrial style is also still going strong, with a predilection for steel and untreated wood. Do you prefer to find your inspiration in nature? The natural materials and textures of Japanese Wabi-Sabi are what you are looking for.

Trending Colors for Spring Design

Springtime is the ideal season in which you can flaunt delicate pastel colors without fear of being cloying. Check out the colors suggested by Pantone to create welcoming and regenerating atmospheres. You can choose to paint one or more walls, or maybe give a touch of color to the ceiling. An alternative to brushes? Wallpaper in the trending hues, from Arcadia Green to Little Boy Blue. Combinations of complementary or similar colors are welcome. An example? Pink Lavender wall and Ultra Violet flush-to-the-wall door. Sophisticated and introspective.

Materials for Spring 2018 Interior Design

As far as the raw materials are concerned, choose natural ones. Beechwood, whicker, hemp, but also straw and cord covering. Marble never goes out of fashion, while among metals details in steel and iron stand out for the industrial style; copper and brass for a warm vintage effect. Value also ceramic or cement tiles.

Spring 2018 Decorations: Between Flowers and Geometry

This season’s design also sees the reign of decor. Whether they are the flourishes in the wallpaper, or embroidery on the tapestry, or even prints and motifs for the seats. Favored are the decors inspired by nature: flowers and plants, even in gigantic proportions. For those who love mathematical rigor, there is no denying geometrical decorations and optical patterns.

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Make Way for Simplicity: Calligaris is the feature of the month

Interior design
Orbital Table by Calligaris.

InvisibleDoor’s angle on companies, projects, and professionals in the field of minimal elegance

For the month of March we have decided to pay homage to a historical landmark in Made in Italy furniture: Calligaris, a brand founded by Antonio Calligaris in 1923 in Manzano, in the province of Udine. Today the company is known worldwide for the quality and the design of its pieces. Products that go from chairs to tables, from couches to beds, through living room furniture, sleeping area furniture and lighting.

The success achieved over the years by Calligaris is the fruit of careful research in functionality and design. Novelty, fantasy, and flexibility are fused together in unique collections that allow for infinite combinations. The modern design of the furniture and the care for clean formal lines are the elements that make Calligaris’ products perfect companions for InvisibleDoor’s minimalistic solutions. A combination of functionality and esthetics that are the exact formula for contemporary beauty.

Are you an architect or do you have firm with a story to tell? Contact us to tell us about your essential design experience outside of the door category. InvisibleDoor pays homage to Italian and international companies that share their values of style and functionality, hosting the most interesting projects and case histories in their newsletter. An extra instrument to create contacts and promote exchange and relations in the field of furniture and design.

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Spring-Summer 2018 Colors: Furniture Trends

Spring Summer 2018 Colors by Pantone.
Spring Summer 2018 Colors by Pantone.
Spring Summer 2018 Colors by Pantone.

Trending colors for 2018 interior design and the best combinations recommended by Pantone

Spring is at the door, and the desire to renew the house goes hand in hand with the changing season. The colors for spring-summer 2018 are regenerating and lively, and will appeal to all tastes, from the most sophisticated to the most naïf. Here are the color trends for furniture and the combinations suggested by Pantone for interior design.

Spring-Summer 2018 Colors: Resourceful

This contrasting palette suggested by Pantone is for those who love experimenting and do not fear being contradicted. The combination of cold colors, such as Blue, and warm ones, such as Orange, is at the root of this guideline. Use it for sofas or armchairs with contrasting pillows, or for pieces of furniture with unique decorations.

Spring-Summer 2018 Colors: Verdure

Nature is the protagonist of 2018 furniture trends. Colors can be various shades of green, possibly accented with a reddish purple or the color of berries.

Spring-Summer 2018 Colors: Playful

This bright, energizing palette is for those who want to liven up their place. Make way for “Minions” Yellow, Lime, and all the shades that brighten the mood. Playfulness is the key word, which can be interpreted according to personal taste. An ideal palette even for the living room, to welcome guests with an edge.

Spring-Summer 2018 Colors: Discretion

Are you too sensitive for shocking yellow? Then this is the palette for you. Meditative shades and subtle colors are the preferred choices. From Pink to Mauve, via Ivory, for a perfectly romantic atmosphere.

Spring-Summer 2018 Colors: Far-fetched

Are you already yearning for vacation time and far away places? The palette that Pantone recommends is based on warm, exotic shades. Make way for desert yellow, fiery red, coral and colors capable of inspiring imagination and travel.

Spring-Summer 2018 Colors: Intricacy

A sophisticated palette that is not for everyone. Those who are skilled with color combinations can try the “new neutrals” with metallic tonalities combined with dramatic details such as red or sulfur.

Spring-Summer 2018 Colors: Intensity

This palette has the flavor and depth of true love. Intense colors like Purple, Black, and Gold, but also Green and Ultra-Violet. They should be skillfully combined for a location full of symbolism.

Spring-Summer 2018 Colors: TECH-nique

A young, shiny palette for spring-time locations with a hi-tech sheen. Light blue, Turquoise, Pink, Purple combined with White and Almond promise to refresh the spirit and open the mind.

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Furnishing a Studio Apartment: 5 Space-Saving Solutions

studio apartment interior
studio apartment interior
How to furnish a studio apartment.

Essential ideas and principles to furnish a studio apartment functionally and stylishly

Furnishing a studio apartment requires strategy and planning to effectively exploit the (limited) space available. Loved more and more, and not only by singles, studio apartments are full of potential. You just have to know how to exploit it following some everlasting expedients adaptable to your individual style. Here are 5 invaluable recommendations on how to furnish a studio apartment for a surprising result.

Furnishing a studio apartment: magical drawers

The first principle you should follow when you don’t have much space is the elimination of the superfluous. Ideally, every piece of furniture should have at least two functions. An evergreen example is the use of furniture, beds, and stairs with drawers. These hidden spaces are extremely useful to keep the environment free of clutter. They can contain linens, dishes, documents, books, toys, and anything you don’t want to pile up on the shelves or on the floor.

Furnishing a studio apartment: lights and mirrors

An essential element in the furnishing of a studio apartment is lighting. Aside from making the best use of natural light trying not to obstruct it, it is important to distribute sufficient artificial light sources. The idea that less space implies fewer lights is a common mistake. Ceiling lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps, placed in the proper corners like small centers of light, separate the space gracefully, identifying different areas. No less important are mirrors, which, ably placed, contribute to amplify the perceived space.

Furnishing a studio apartment: height is half the beauty

If the floor space is limited, making use of the height is indispensable. For those lucky enough to be furnishing a studio apartment with a very high ceiling, a loft is almost mandatory. Here there can be space and privacy for a bedroom or a place to relax. Otherwise you can still use the walls for bookshelves and cupboards that take up the entire height.

Furnishing a studio apartment: to see or not to see

One of the most cherished solutions for studio apartments is the open-space. However, sometimes separating areas is necessary – as for the bathroom – or simply enjoyable. Since the locale is small, it is best to choose solutions that don’t encumber the space. For example, Japanese screens, glass walls, or flush-to-the-wall sliding doors, which, when opened, become an unencumbered arch.

Furnishing a studio apartment: don’t open the door!

When you live in a studio apartment, it’s hard to find a place for everything. The risk that undesirable objects remain visible is fairly high. Aside from the aforementioned drawers, an effective solution is invisible access panels. Flush to the wall cupboards can become broom closets or small laundry rooms. You can also use these for more original solutions, for example to create a small studio-area with a built-in desk.

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5 furnishing ideas for Saint Valentine’s: romanticism and design for a special evening

Interior design red details
Interior design red details
Furnishing ideas for Saint Valentine’s.

How to furnish your house for Saint Valentine’s? Here are 5 romantic ideas for a perfect date

If for this Saint Valentine’s Day you’re thinking of a romantic dinner in the intimacy of your home, this post is for you. It may be because of the crowds you find in restaurants on this day, to the detriment of the service; it may because of the enticingly brief distance between living room and bedroom, but a Saint Valentine’s dinner at home seems to be increasingly popular. What counts is making it different from all others, reinventing your home for a special evening. Here are 5 furnishing ideas for Saint Valentine’s 2018 to help inspire you.

Saint Valentine’s 2018 furnishing: red skies in the evening

Red is Saint Valentine’s quintessential color, and there’s no reason to reject it for originality’s sake. If Ultra Violet is the color of the year, on February 14th don’t fear to change your furnishings to favor scarlet tones. However, it is best not to overdo it. Use it for pillows and details, for curtains or for the sofa-cover. But to avoid its seeming too aggressive, dilute it in abundant white – from cream to Navajo, through ivory.

Saint Valentine’s 2018 furnishing: fire with fire

The first rule of furnishing for Saint Valentine’s is warming up the atmosphere. Red can help symbolically, but why not do it literally? Make way for candles, and not only on the table, to create a suffused atmosphere. Are you so lucky as to have a fireplace? There was never a better moment than this to light it.

Saint Valentine’s 2018 furnishing: table design

Decorating the table for Saint Valentine’s is an actual art that involves infinite possibilities. Our suggestion is to pick one – one theme, one motif, a recurring detail – and pursue it with coherence and sobriety. If you love rose petals, you don’t need pink hearts. If dishes and centerpiece are red, the tablecloth should offer a pure white contrast.

Saint Valentine’s 2018 furnishing: vintage is back

One of the trends for 2018 interior design is the return of vintage. Saint Valentine’s is the right occasion to slip in some retro details, but with a touch of levity. Yea to the candle holders or lanterns or lacework of yore, but rigorously played down in a contemporary context.

Saint Valentine’s 2018 furnishing: DIY

Everything that is made with love is absolutely welcome. Table mats, place markers, wall decorations, and any other creative do-it-yourself items will make your significant other smile. Don’t worry too much about the result: this is one of the few cases when it’s the thought that counts – really!