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Outdoor Furniture: 2018 Spring/Summer Trends

Outdoor furniture: chairs.
Outdoor furniture: chairs.
Outdoor furniture: Bergére Emma.

Be inspired by all the outdoor trends for the new season

Outdoor furniture played a central role at the recent Design Week in Milan. Naturally because of the arrival of the 2018 spring/summer season, but also thanks to the constant innovation in materials and design. Furniture and textiles designed to experience the outdoors with a laid-back straightforwardness without forsaking impeccable esthetics. Here are the trends for furnishing balconies, gardens, and terraces.

2018 Spring/Summer Outdoor Furniture: the Power of Versatility

The first of the 2018 outdoor trends is the desire to overcome limits, both in space and time. The search for resistant materials and textiles for furniture, increasingly designed for all four seasons follows this direction. Simultaneously, the distinction between outdoor and indoor becomes more evanescent, making way for hybrid solutions, ideal for terraces and partially covered verandas, but also for gardens sheltered by gazebos.

Vintage Allure and Innovative Materials: Resistance and Design

The search for innovative materials is essential in seconding the versatility of furniture. Judging by the collections displayed at the Milan Design Week 2018, weather resistance goes hand in hand with style. From the shell-shaped Dedon chair to the ’78 Ginger and the net backing of the Bergére Emma chair, vintage resonances give furnishings a touch of sentiment without being nostalgic. They are modernized by the choice of technical and removable textiles, thermoplastic or PVC upholstery and resistant structures in teak, sintered stone, thermovarnished aluminum or zinc-coated steel. A perfect synthesis of substance and appearance.

Comfort and Ecology: New Outdoor Architecture

The search for eco-friendly solutions is another outdoor trend that is found in many projects. Outdoor architecture becomes increasingly complex and revolutionary. Bioclimatic arbors promise efficiency and minimal impact, and are capable of adapting to different weather conditions thanks to the adjustable plates. Veritable outdoor living rooms display a design inspired by indoor furniture and equally advanced functionality. Cooking areas and roofs and adjustable walls recreate, if necessary, the intimacy of the walls of your home.